Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

The following film has been approved for all audiences by the independant film rating association of america


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Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

Drama | History
6.7 / 10
Release Date
07 December 2018
2 : 4 minutes
Spoken Language
English, Français, , Latin
In 1561, Mary Stuart, widow of the King of France, returns to Scotland, reclaims her rightful throne and menaces the future of Queen Elizabeth I as ruler of England, because she has a legitimate claim to the English throne. Betrayals, rebellions, conspiracies and their own life choices imperil both Queens. They experience the bitter cost of power, until their tragic fate is finally fulfilled.

Cast Overview :

Mary Stuart
by: Saoirse Ronan
Queen Elizabeth I
by: Margot Robbie
Lord Darnley
by: Jack Lowden
Robert Dudley
by: Joe Alwyn
John Knox
by: David Tennant
William Cecil
by: Guy Pearce
Bess of Hardwick
by: Gemma Chan
Earl of Bothwell
by: Martin Compston
David Rizzio
by: Ismael Cruz Córdova
Earl of Lennox
by: Brendan Coyle
Lord Maitland
by: Ian Hart
James, Earl of Moray
by: James McArdle
Thomas Andrews
by: Richard Cant
Earl of Kent
by: Guy Rhys
Earl of Shrewsbury
by: Thom Petty
Mary Seton
by: Izuka Hoyle
by: John Ramm
Robert Beale
by: Simon Russell Beale
Mary Fleming
by: Maria Dragus
Mary Livingston
by: Liah O'Prey
Mary Beaton
by: Eileen O'Higgins
Thomas Hepburn
by: Greg Miller Burns
John Hepburn
by: Aneurin Pascoe
George Dalgleish
by: Adrian Derrick-Palmer
The Laird of Ramorny
by: Kal Sabir
James Haliburton
by: Luke Kidd
Lord Randolph
by: Adrian Lester
Kate Carey
by: Georgia Burnell
Thomas Jenye
by: Alan Turkington
William Kirkcaldy of Grange
by: Euan MacNaughton
Hector Maclean
by: Scot Greenan
by: Karen Dunbar
Sir Richard Knightley
by: Ian Hallard
King James I
by: Andrew Rothney
Snuffer Woman
by: Angela Bain
Fotheringhay Gentlewoman
by: Abby Cassidy
Fotheringhay Gentlewoman
by: Shalisha James-Davis
Sir William Douglas
by: Adam Bond
Young Holyrood Servant
by: Katharine O'Donnelly
Dorothy Stafford
by: Grace Molony
Henry Killigrew
by: Luke Hobson
John Tamworth
by: Ben Wiggins
William Killigrew
by: Eldredd Wolf
Portrait Painter
by: Eric MacLennan
Andrew Ker of Fawdonside
by: Nathen East
Knox's Secretary
by: Daniel Booroff
Henry Darnley
by: Jack Lowden
Francis Yaxley
by: Sean Buchanan
Wedding Announcer
by: Matthew Pidgeon
by: Benjamin Barraclough
James MacDonald
by: Jordan Turk
Urie Campbell
by: Adam Stevenson
Hector MacLean
by: Scot Greenan
Moray's Drummer
by: Chris Grahamson
William Taylor
by: Ed Jones
by: Owen Gorman
by: John Stahl
by: Kadiff Kirwan
Sir Walter Mildmay
by: Alex Beckett

Member Reviews :

Thinking about them just in terms of their visual appearnce, Saoirse Ronan probably should have played Queen Elizabeth I instead of Mary, and Margot Robbie probably should have played Not In This Movie. Perhaps it could have performed better, had it not come out the same year as both _Outlaw King_ and _The Favourite_, as its content lies somewhere between the two, but its quality pales to either. _Final rating:★★ - Definitely not for me, but I sort of get the appeal._